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qui sommes nous?

Our history

We started our business in April 2018 with one goal in mind: to offer our customers a pleasant experience in the Le Quesnoy area.

Our products, fresh and local, allow us to offer you a quality menu. Galettes, crêpes, but also good food and great ice creams are part of it.

Our Ardoise offers dishes and desserts according to the season.

We work with local brewers to offer you a range of surprising beers.

To visit us

Crêperie de la Poste is located in
Le Quesnoy, near the post office.

In the city center and near the city's leisure center, our restaurant is right next the city fortifications.

You can easily walk around and come see us on your way!

Find us on

nos fournisseurs


Did you know that our goat cheese comes from Landrecies? 

That our apple juice is made by an organisation using apples from abandoned orchards? 

That our eggs come from Taisnières-sur-Hon? 

Or that we get our lemonades from the artisanal Gosse factory in Liévin?

So many stories.... See you soon for their release...



Do you know what a guilloche or an almanac is? Or an aerogram? These are all words from the vocabulary of the Post Office, used by the Crêperie as names for our galettes...

Be patient... We are updating our glossary....

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